Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Dealing with Cravings

One of the hardest things about embarking on a diet is the need to try to find a way to deal with the cravings, that is one of daily battles that I face. When I started on the diet, I was all fired up and was focused on the figure on the scale changing that I didn't find the cravings that difficult to avoid.

That seemed to change last Friday, all day, I had this nagging voice at the back of my mind saying, how nice would a Pizza & wedges be and I tried to avoid it but I eventually caved in and before I knew it, I had the pizza delivery man right in front of me and I have to say as bad as it was for my diet, it was lovely!

That is a challenge that I still face each day, when I am at home and not in work, I find it more challenging, I have the fridge and cupboards available at any time and staying focused and not giving in is something I feel I have to work on. Last weekend, I found myself literally snacking on an entire bag of mandarin oranges! I know it could have been something worse but I still felt I let myself down.

I have learnt that you will have some days good, some not so good but the moral of the story for me is to pick myself up and keep going.

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