Monday, 27 October 2014

Restarting the blog - Slimming World style ;)

You may remember my blogs or in most cases, you won't! I did about 3 entries and stopped! I haven't given up on the weight loss though! I am now a fully fledged Slimming World Member!

I joined Slimming World on the 18th September, weighing in at the dreaded 15 stone 12.5 pounds and needing severe help.. yes I had lost weight on my own but I was struggling, I was fed up of calorie counting, I was giving in to all the bad things whether it be takeaways (Pizza & Chinese being the worst culprits!!) or scones/baguettes.. you name it, I was probably eating it!!

I have been on the Slimming World plan for 5 weeks now, I have lost 1 stone 0.5 pounds in this time and I am loving the plan, I can more or less eat what I like (though I haven't had a takeaway in 5 weeks!) and I don't feel like I have to starve myself in order to lose weight! Perfect plan in my eyes.

I am hoping to lose another 2 pounds this week and if I achieve that, I will have lost 3 stone in total since I started to lose weight. That thought really blows me away..

I hope to start doing blog entries more frequently... they may not be the world's best but it is good to look back hopefully when I hit my target weight (10 stone) and see how I got there...

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