Monday, 17 February 2014

My background and why I created this blog.

I bet you are asking yourself, who are you and what made me decide to create this blog well sit yourself down, grab a drink and let me explain all about it!

My name is Emma, I have had an on off battle for many years with my weight. I suppose you could call me a yo yo dieter.. I have struggled since I was roughly 13 or 14 with my weight, I think the catalyst was my Grandfather dying. He was my best friend, he lived with us and when he died, it felt like my life ended so that set me on a path of overeating, comfort eating and effectively piling a lot of weight on.

When I was somewhat younger (I am now 36 for my sins..), I signed up with Weight Watchers and lost over 3 stone. Unfortunately slowly but surely, I gave up on the daily dieting and watching what I was eating and ended up putting that weight back on and ended up trebling it. I had slowly given up caring what size clothes I fitted in to, what food I was eating and had got into really bad habits.

I have now decided enough is enough and my life will get better, I will get healthier so I am embarking on a healthy lifestyle which involves low calorie eating, cooking good meals for myself, exercising (mainly by walking) and drinking water. 

I hope you will enjoy my blog posts as I plan to talk about my experiences with weight loss, reviews of products I am using, where I am starting from and my journey all the way to being flabless and fabulous!

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