Tuesday, 18 February 2014

The dreaded first weigh in

I thought it was about time, I covered the dreaded first weigh in, the point when I decided to start the dreaded diet, lifestyle change, call it what you like! As they say in the "diet" circles, the best time to step on the scales is first thing in the morning after you have made a short pit stop to the bathroom... I thought if that does me any favours, sure why not?!

I hopped on the scales and saw my weight, I am roughly 5"4 in height and I was looking at the amount on the scales, it was 17 stone 10 pounds to my extreme embarrassment. I even tried to weigh myself a few times in the sheer hope of the figure dropping but alas, no chance. I started an excel spreadsheet to track my progress and this has come in very handy so at least I can see the good weeks from the not so good.

This was now my starting point. I am following a low calorie diet with a focus on smaller portions, more fruit and vegetables in my diet and for exercise, I am walking several times a week, sometimes twice a day! This is a long road I have ahead of me but I am slowly seeing progress and that to me still amazes me and gives me the motivation, inspiration to keep going!

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